Guide: Setting Up Python + Python Libraries

Guide: Setting Up Python + Python Libraries

Recommended but not strictly necessary: take the free Learn the Command Line course first as installation involves Command Line.

Python 2

Python 2 was retired in 2020, so also consider using sandboxes running 2.7.

Python 3

Set up Python 3 locally using this guide.

Python for Data Analysis

The Python development community has built a lot of tools to help you do data analysis with Python. We recommend downloading Anaconda or Miniconda, which will provide you all of the tools you need to get started. We have 3 articles to guide you through introduction, installation, and application:

There are multiple projects that cooperate to make getting the tools you need to analyze data with Python possible. There is the Jupyter Project, which manages lots of language-agnostic functions. There is IPython (Interactive Python) which manages Python for data analysis and its relationship to Jupyter. There is Conda which manages the packages, keeping them all up to date, and finally Anaconda which brings them all together in one massive product.

To get started, it is enough to know that there are a lot of organizations and individual contributors helping to make our job as data analysts and data scientists easier.

Not The End

Please reply to this thread with your own resources, advice, and feedback! We made this post a wiki so it can be updated and maintained by the community, we’re just starting them off. See our other guides here.


I missed instructions for Python3 installation on Linux distributions :woozy_face:

It will depend on your linux distro as there are quite a couple.

You might want to look into this article: Python 3 Installation & Setup Guide – Real Python

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I am not succeeding in getting Python 3 installed as the default Python on my Mac OS Big Sur system (Ver 11.6). Despite installing the latest release on this page and going to the terminal I still get that I am in Python 2.7. What am I supposed to do next or what am I doing wrong? Thanks!