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Guide: Setting up Python Locally

Guide: Setting Up Python + Python Libraries

Recommended but not strictly necessary: take the free Learn the Command Line course first as installation involves Command Line.

Python 2

Install Python + packages with this quick article. The Set up Python article goes a bit further and has you practice a small project, which is fun and recommended. Do keep in mind that Python 2 will retire in 2020, so also consider using sandboxes running 2.7.

Python 3

Set up Python 3 locally using this guide.

Python for Data Analysis

Article and video walkthrough here. Do this after installing Python 2 or 3 above, depending on what version you’re using for data analysis. A lot of data analysis is still done in Python 2, but the industry is migrating to Python 3.

IPython and Jupyter

See the guide here.

Not The End

Please reply to this thread with your own resources, advice, and feedback! We made this post a wiki so it can be updated and maintained by the community, we’re just starting them off. See our other guides here.

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We may wish to rethink local implementations of Python 2. and other sandboxes have Python 2.7 available so that is probably where we should direct users for the duration of its remaining lifespan. Local installations should be Python 3.5 or above.

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Edited to reflect that, thanks!


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