Guide: Setting Up JS Libraries / Frameworks

Guide: Setting Up JS Libraries / Frameworks


Read this guide (and remember that StackOverflow is vital).
Just use the local version of jQuery until you’re comfortable enough with JS to use a remote version on a CDN (see here for more info). You can practice linking up jQuery with this free Codecademy exercise.


See here for a series of five quick articles to walk you through setting up React.

As always, developer documentation has the resources to help. You can add React to your website easily with this guide.


Downloading and installing is straightforward, click here and follow along. If you want a step-by-step video walkthrough, see here. If you’re taking the free ExpressJS course with Codecademy, that covers pretty much everything else as it uses Node.


Again, install is quite easy, just head here, and the ExpressJS course teaches you everything else.


Install link here, combine with the d3 course. The d3 course is Pro-only, but one you can easily finish in the 7 day trial they give to new users.

Not The End

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