Guide: How to Become a Web Developer

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If learning from scratch, then the HTML course would be where to begin. Spend as much time as it takes to work through each lesson. Take your time and loop back often. Next, learn CSS. Keep working with these two until you are fully comfortable. Be sure to look up documentation (W3C, MDN, etc.) and loop back through that, too.


Thank you. It is very helpful.

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hiii i’m in ict class and i don’t understand nothing and i would like to know how to do the workset of learn html :wink: greetings <3

Hi all,
I’m just wondering, roughly how long do you think it would take to learn all of this? I already have some HTML and CSS knowledge. I work better when I can give myself a timeframe due to having ADHD :upside_down_face:

Is there a detailed explaination like this for Software developer as well. Like the ones which uses DS and Algo?

Hello! The link to the video is broken. The video is not available on YouTube anymore to be precise.

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Love this article. It clears many concepts which I was confused about. Thank you :v:

Hey there, I think that this answer really depends on each and everyone’s own set of skills and weaknesses. For me, I know that I need to spend twice the time someone else would to learn, just because I also have a lot of problems concentrating (I do not use and ADD medication and I recommend you don’t also - the negative externalities of using such medication outweigh the positive by far.
I suggest active and continuous learning. Don’t give up, even if you need to spend hours to find your error. It’s extremely important to emphasize on resilience and self-awareness. Logic and problem solving should be tools that you have at your disposal. Once you fully integrate that coding is more problem-solving, then you can solve the problem, find a solution, and then use your knowledge of syntax and rules in the language you want to program in. 2 years ago I never imagined being able to understand what a lot of codes did, now I am much more familiar. Practice and resilience are extremely important!

I would actually begin with Scratch JS. This has helped me a lot to understand the fundamentals of programming, then I continued onto JS. But JS, HTML and CSS go hand-in-hand together, so I suggest active learning in all of them. Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share (