Guide: Design in Software Development

Guide: Design Essentials in Software Development

About this Guide

I’m a developer and I’ve been tutoring new coders for years. Something that a lot of beginner developers and people making projects trip up on is that they spent so much time learning coding but they didn’t learn the design principles that can bring their work to a more professional level. That’s why myself and some others wrote this guide, covering some key design concepts, so you’ll make better, more beautiful user-centric web products. Wanna know more about these guides (there are others), me, and why we made them? See here.

Design Essentials

The people who made the first version of this guide aren’t designers, so we just cobbled together a reading list based on what we thought developers should know about design and what beginner designers should know too. If you’re a designer and want to help flesh all of this out, please chip in! Just reply with feedback and additions below or let us know if you want to write your own.

What is UI?

What is UX?

UI/UX Principles You’ll Need to know



Choosing a Design Tool -

Intro to user-centered design -

Understanding Color & Typography, two quick articles: and

Agile design -

Wireframes and Information Architecture - what they are and how to make one.

Branding -

2019 UI and UX Design Trends to Know -

What makes a website visually appealing?

What is a Website Prototype and Why Do You Need One?

How to make a mockup:

How to Prototype:

How to Design Forms the Right Way -

How to Design a User Interface

What is the Ideal Design Workflow?

Essential Design Tools -

Design as part of Agile development -

Not The End

Please reply to this thread with your own resources, advice, and feedback! We made this post a wiki so it can be updated and maintained by the community just as we combined to make them in the first place, we’re just starting them off. For this guide in particular, we’d love help from designers or people familiar in design to flesh this out! See our other guides here.