Guide: 5 Ways to Get Quick (and Accurate) Answers to Coding Questions

Welcome to the Codecademy forums! With these quick tips you’ll be well set for getting the most out of the coding community.

Five ways to get quick and accurate responses to coding questions:

  1. A link to the exercise.
  2. A description of the problem you are facing.
  3. Any error messages received.
  4. A question that points a reader to the problem.
  5. A sample of any code you have so far completed.

Number 1 is easy to address: Copy the URL in the location bar for that page and paste it into your post at the very top. How that link looks is not important, but sometimes it helps to first paste in the heading from the top of the narrative, then copy the URL, highlight the text in the post and press Ctrl+K, then Ctrl+V, then Enter. Now the text will be transformed to a link.

If you like doing things manually, type in two square brackets followed by two parentheses.


Into the square brackets paste in or type the text, and then paste the URL into the parens.


[The .findIndex() Method](

which will render as,

The .findIndex() Method

For number 2, is the lesson or exercise hard to understand? Is there missing information? Are you struggling with the lesson? Is there anything confusing about the concept(s)? The more background we have, the better we are able to assess your situation so that an answer can be tailored to suit.

Number 3 is a matter of copying the error message(s) and paste them in as blockquotes. Type > and paste in the message.

Number 4 can be difficult if we don’t first consider number 2, above. With that sorted out, a clear, meaningful question is simpler to compose. We don’t judge, here, and are fully aware that you may be very new to this subject. There are no bad questions unless the user simply doesn’t want an answer.

The last point , number 5, is critical. No code means we are left guessing at what the problem may be. We can deduce a lot from the code, and most times it is just a small mistake, or even a typo, omitted token, etc. Logic errors are trickier to spot and explain. All in all, without the code we are all sitting blind.

In some instances, a screenshot may be helpful, but it is not a substitute for raw code; it is additional information, only.

There is just one more thing we would ask of anybody posting a new topic…

Please respond when you get an answer, or any questions in the replies. It acknowledges others’ involvement and reassures us that you are getting on okay.

A special request to go along with these tips: Please do not ask questions in active or old topics as it interrupts the discourse on somebody’s question. Start a new topic and make it your own.

If you’re looking for more general advice on getting unstuck, try this resource.

Thank you, @mtf .