GUI modules for codecademy

Does codecademy support tkinter? I wonder this because codecademy’s workspace console is returning that there is no module named ‘tkinter’. If codecademy doesn’t support tkinter do they support any gui module, if so what?

No, it doesn’t. As far as I know only html, css, javascript, and python(?).

You could just run tkinter locally on your own computer though, right?



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This is incorrect.
You are not able to import tkinter modules into Workspaces (which was the original question).

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You can try turtle instead, which codecademy supports, but its features are pretty limited compared to tkinter.

If it’s available in Workspaces as you claim, then why can’t one import the module?
(b/c it’s not available in Workspaces).

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you are right Codecademy doesn’t support turtle i was mistaken. sorry for that!