GUI/homepage for video files and FFMPEG

Hey there.

I’m currently figurering out what language I should program in.
I want to build a GUI/homepage where you can uploade video files and then use FFMPEG to either convert them into another format and codec, or uploade multiple files and convert them into one and then either download the converted one or find the video files in a folder on the server. What do you recommend?
The dream scenario would be to upload a file or a folder with video files and then select the files in a order and then press convert or what ever and then it executes the command and it shows either the command FFMEG output or a percentage of the process.

At first this will probably only be used locally, so on a laptop or a server on the local network.

Best regards Phillip

you will need:

html, css and js for front-end.

For backend, there are plenty of options:

PHP, python, ruby, golang, nodeJS. Take your pick.

Thanks Stetim94.
Is it necessary to use mysql as a database or?

No, its not. But php + mysql is really common

Okay. I just experienced some issues with mysql, would you recommend using a database or?

Yea, you need database to keep track of your videos (maybe you also want users?), very good change you need DB

don’t store the videos in DB, store location of videos in DB

So basically ‘PHP’ and ‘SQL’ courses and I could be going?

yep, that would a good start. Your project is ambitious, that is going to take a while

A database isn’t strictly speaking required, it could also just be upload + download - you upload and get a link back immediately, that link polls for the the finished file every few seconds.
On the server you’d have a loop checking the upload directory for new jobs, grabbing one at a time and putting them in the output directory which would then show up when the browser polls for that filename

I wouldn’t suggest php, it’s not so great for anything else and it’s kind of questionable for creating websites too.

Hey Ionatan. That sounds more likely. What language would you recommend?

Anything you already know, pretty much.
Http upload/download sounds like something there are tutorials for in just about every language. The quality of the tutorial probably matters more than the language itself in this case.
You’d need to be able to accept files and respond to the polling later - along with figuring out what the file name will be on completion and doing some file operations.

Or already existing file servers for that matter, upload to one dir and wait for it to show up in the other