Guess What's In The List?



So I'm trying to make this small program in Python that's a precursor to a much bigger project I hope to undertake in the future. It involves a list of letters, and the user has to type in a letter that's in the list or he loses. I tried out the below code but that was a failure. Even if the letter I typed was in the list, it still returned 'Nope, sorry.' What better ways can I try out?

list= ["A", "B", "C", "D"]

guess= raw_input("Guess what's in the list!")

if guess == list:
    print "Yes!"
    print "Nope, wrong."


A list won't be EQUAL to a string, consider what you should be comparing to what


if guess in list

You can't compare a string and an object, that way is not acceptable.

You're basically saying if string(input) is an array(list). Need more learning on how to use types, operations, and basic Python.