Growtopia Cutway Massproducing calculator


I am totaly sure, that some of You know Growtopia! So first I made this for my own personal needs, but then I was like "Oh, wait. This might be usefull for someone else!". So here it is - Cutway Massproducing calculator made in JavaScript. Please tell me what can I improve!

 var cutwayTrees = prompt("How many cutway trees would You like to make?");
 var seedCount = [4,1,2,2];
 var seedNames = ["door","sand","window","garbage"];
 console.log("You'll need:")
 for (var i = 0; i < 4; i ++) {
   console.log(" " + seedCount[i]*cutwayTrees + " " + seedNames[i])
 console.log("seeds to make " + cutwayTrees + " cutway trees.")



The prompt() method will return a string Value
and as you are using the outcome for calculations
you might want to convert the string Value to a number Value
using the parseInt() method

var cutwayTrees = 
   parseInt(prompt("How many cutway trees would You like to make?"),10);


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