Gridflex vs Tables


When I learned to code we were taught to use grid-flex for building columns and row etc… I have started to take the Codecademy courses and here I am learning about tables. Are they the same thing? If not what are the differences and when would you use which one.


With all the advancements in CSS over the past couple of decades, a table layout is pretty much a thing of the past. It is a huge hassle building a page layout with tables, just so you know. CSS is the way to go, and it offers a number of different ways, including Flex and Grids which are built into the API, and Twitter Bootstrap which is freely available from several CDNs.

Tables are most appropriately used for presenting tabular data. If what you have is a table of data, then definitely present it with table markup rather than trying to massage it with CSS. Tables are semantic and user agents can disseminate tabular data as such. If we compose a data table using divs and CSS the semantics may be lost.