Grid lines and span question

Why am I wrong here?

grid-row: 2 /6; The row starts at 2 and according to the the section on multiple row items( the value for grid-row-end should be one greater than the row at which you want the grid item to end.


When using span treat it as a count, so that a span of 3 starting at 2 will be, 2-3-4.

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Thank you!

Ok I misunderstood. When it said to end before row 5 it meant to end at 4. I thought It meant AT 5.

So the caption in the bottom reading “This will have the element take up rows 2, 3, 4 and 5.” was regarding the wrong answer: grid-row: 2 /6; NOT the right answer grid-row: 2 / span 3; right?

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If that is the case why does it state below that grid-column-start: 3; grid-column-end: span 5; will occupy columns 3 through 8?

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There’s no explaining how a span of 5 could span 6. Run some tests and see what happens.

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