Grep 1 / Redirection 10 bug?

Okay, I have typed the second command five times now, but I’m still not allowed to continue to the next excercise… And I am quite sure I have written right all times…

What am I doing wrong?

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Almost! The character after the -R should be an l (ell), not a 1 (one).

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how do you input the first part?


plz help!!

You can type it or you could try copy/pasting it.

I’m having the same problem. I’m typing the first part exactly as it is shown and its just telling me to ‘type the command after the shell promt’ Which I am doing… over… and over…

Post a screenshot so we can see what you see.

I’m having the same problem. I’m typing: $ grep -RL Arctic /home/ccuser/workspace/geography and it’s still not working! Note that this is question 2

I’m also having the error message: Type command after the command prompt. as well. This is one major mystery!