Hello my name is Aden and I’m from Hong Kong. I am now 14 and I am learning Javascript now, and i finished 10% of the fullstack programmer course. May I ask a question cuz I get a little bit stuck: I get demotivated. I passed the challenge quite smoothly until I started to learn objects and functions inside functions, they are so overwhelming for me. I sucks at doing those thing, not joking but it literally took me 1-2h to finish just one challenge, I am frustrated as I it is so hard for me…
Can anyone give some advice to me?
thanks so much


Hi there! Welcome to the community :smiley:

Oh, don’t worry about the time it takes you! It took me 2 days to finish ONE STEP of a project once. It was very frustrating, I’ll admit. But I learned a lot from overcoming that challenge. Take your time, it’s fine. If you need some advice on how to deal with frustration here’s a little something I wrote once.

If you’re ever getting stuck on something, try to refresh your mind. Get away from your computer, think about something else, get some fresh air…
And also, you can always ask your questions here. There are a bunch of people willing to help. I used to think that asking for help would somehow make me dumb, but that’s certainly not the case. We’re learning, it’s okay to not know everything.


Hello. Welcome to our coding community. Sorry, I don’t have any advice but I could still help you with your problem. Just send me your code and I’ll see if I can locate the problem within it.


Hi Aden, welcome to the community! :smile:

I wouldn’t worry about stuff taking a long time, when you’re learning objects and functions for the first time, this is completely normal! Just remember that what you’re learning are the foundations of almost all code you’ll come across- it’ll take a while to learn, and longer to be fluent with, but what you’re learning now will give you really great foundations for whatever you might want to build with code in the future :partying_face:


Thanks all of you :laughing: I will start to ask question if I really can’t solve that question

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