Great course easy to use and learn possible suggestion

Hey guys,

Currently running through the HTML/CSS course at the moment and really liking what you have put together here so far. Keep up the good work!

A possible suggestion on helping people like me who have more of a hands on learning curve. Could you have possibly build in sections during the courses that make you review everything that you have learned minus the answers in the instructions bar?

Sort of like mini projects that cover the topics that we just learned in that module and previous modules but with a specific goal in the end with no direction outside of ‘create/do x’.

My biggest issue I am having is while going through the course material Im learning whats being given but then we move onto another topic and unless its covered yet again i slowly forget what I previously learned and it slows down the learning curve for me because now I have to either backtrack and go through the previous material or sit there stumped for a few minutes while I try to recall the correct line of code.

Just a thought on how you could improve the courses.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks for everything!

Hey Brandon,

I think that what you’re asking for has already been created, correct me if I’m wrong. Pro users have access to quizzes at the end of each lesson, as well as projects throughout courses, which are loosely guided. Is that what you’re looking for?

If you’re interested, Pro is $20 (USD) a month, and you can sign up here: :slight_smile:

I was actually looking at upgrading to pro fro the projects at the end of the courses.

For me like I said in the post I’m a very hands on learner. If you give me the answers I can do the assignments but the end result is I was given the answers and don’t retain much. The fastest way for me to learn is if I’m given an objective and free reign to reach that goal. So for example in HTML Unit 3B (if that makes any sense haha) “clickable photo page” Instead of walking me through the material step by step with static values that I cannot deviate from I’m not applying what I learned so much as I am following directions.

Maybe I’m just looking to far into it without having pro membership but I cant imagine that I’m the only learner struggling with the same thing.

As for the quizzes for me its not so much reviewing what I just went over so much as learning the process via repetition. ie: backending some of the material in previous units in the ones going forward. There is definitely some of this going on as its a process that does require you to learn the basics before moving on but for example I cannot for the life of me ever remember how to underline or italicize text.

Hope that makes some sense and I’m not just rambling lol

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Ah! Heres what Im talking about but dont give me the answers.

Hope that clears it up