Graphics coding



I'm a new coder and interested in graphics coding. I've heard of a several languages used for graphics (like OpenGL), but I really can't find great resources for this type of thing besides programmr which teaches c++, but I'd rather learn C first. I intend to finish codecademy's javascript and java courses soon. Can anyone suggest some good places to find this type of thing?


Just for after you finish C, there is a great C++ Graphics Course:


thx! any ideas where to find C programming?


There is this lol... The first 1:05 Intro lol :laughing:!


Maybe ill try google xD


I learned C from tutorialspoint, it's a good tutorial on the language.


Cool. I was just scrolling through the languages they offer... wow thats a lot. Thx! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: