Graphical user Interface (Python)

This is a general question, is python a language that works in the background to drive some other visual programme a bit like Html works in the background of a web page.
Or can it be like visual basic was and create a stand alone program?
At the moment, and I haven’t been with it that long, it seems I code in the editor then it runs in the interpreter.
Can’t at the moment see how users will interact with the finished code.
Not sure if I’ve explained this very well but maybe you get the gist of my query?

The language has to somehow talk to whatever handles windows/input events and that’s some other program(s), it’s not generally something a language does itself.

And a window isn’t a program. I’d consider a process a program, and most of them don’t draw anything on your screen, most of them don’t care at all about visuals.

You’ll never escape the interpreter, that is what executes your code. That’s like saying you want to escape the computer. No, it runs your code. The interpreter isn’t a window (again, programs aren’t windows)

Most programs I write are entirely text based, most of them I couldn’t even imagine using from a gui, it’d be horribly clumsy, everything would need a button, and if I wanted to do something differently from what the button does then I’m totally screwed. And the huge amount of effort just to make it look half-decent…

Regardless, if you want to draw windows, which you can, most languages can, all it takes is communicating with whatever does that kind of thing, then have a look at any of the many libraries/frameworks for that. You could do a bit of research, but ultimately I have to suggest just picking one and finding out what you would need to be different and then you’ll be in a better position to choose something that works for you. Here’s one that should be okay to start with:

Also, I suggest keeping program logic separate from the gui. The gui is not the program.

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Thanks for the full explanation to my question, will take a look at the link you have supplied.