Grand Finale Broken?


No matter what I try, I cannot seem to get rid of the error. I looked through other posts, and nothing seemed to help. Please help!

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Grand finale

Hi @codicorn ,

On line 4, you have this ...

10/23/16 11:34:17

That resembles the correct format of the output, but is not a Python statement, and should be removed from the code. Once that line is removed, what is currently on line 5 will produce the correct output in the console.


please help, the code I used didn't through any errors but code academy seems to disagree?

from datetime import datetime
now =
print '(%s/%s/%s) :(%s:%s:%s)' % (now.month,, now.year, now.hour, now.minute, now.second)
print 'now.month/ now.hour:now.minute:now.second'


@poppershnoz ,

The issue is that Codecademy expects specific characters between the components of the output. This is the pertinent instruction ...

Print the date and time together in the form: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss.

Consider exactly where to place the slashes, a space, and the colons in the output format string. You might also have some parentheses that need to be removed from the string.


I tried removing the parentheses and it does the same thing


It's not only the parentheses. For instance, is there an extra colon in your output?


ah... I see.... gosh python is so....well,...robotic.


thanks for the help!


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