Grammar errors and incorrect definitions

Has anyone noticed there are a ton of grammatical and even definition errors in the practice areas and for most courses there are poor distinctions to separate definitions in any tangibly clear way?(I in no way mean to be offensive, but they are definitely written by someone who’s first language is not English)

There are also big formatting issues on mobile. I have to skip most questions because it is impossible to complete them with the mobile layout in many cases.

But specificity of definition is the real one that bothers me as a student.

I do not mean to be overtly negative, but considering the fact so many first time learners are here, accuracy of definition and content is highly important.

This one for example, the definition is wrong and in the coursework for flexbox I had to go to youtube and another platform to clear up the errors I had learned.

I have come across quite a few more. I just haven’t saved them as I was hoping they would be isolated cases

How did you get to the conclusion that the example in the screenshot is wrong?
align-items is indeed used to align items vertically. At least as long as you do not change the default setting for the flex-direction.


Hi there!

If you have links to the specific areas that have grammatical errors and typos, I’d be happy to get those addressed ASAP.