I have problem with part 4 of 20 it says create a method called get average and it should return type int so does that mean I do ( public void getAverage() { return(int);} ) or do I do (public int getAverage() { return(int);})?

The function signature needs to specify the return type. void means that there is no return value.

Hey @biprajit163! Solution: The method signifies you return a type int therfore youuse

public int getAverage(){
return int

Adding on what @ionatan said:

I just wanted to show you the method syntax:

Method Syntax

AccessLevel returntype functionName(){

Definintions for syntax

AccessLevel: Public or Private
returntype: What type you want to return, void,int,string and whatnot
functionName : the name of function...

Hope this helped, if you need any more clarification please ask!