Gps device which sends data through bluetooth

I have a general programming questions, i simple can’t figure out. I don’t need code, but just a push in the right direction, is someone willing to help me? Short version: i got a gps device which sends data through bluetooth, so i paired the device, and now have a data stream on my laptop, but i have no clue how to extract the data from /dev/rfcomm0, no matter the programming language, C would be nice. Does anybody have any idea where to even begin to solve such a problem?

Is the data similar to EXIF header data from a camera? It contains GPS data.

Click a picture then view the page source. The raw data is written to ‘exifdump’.’

Source code can be viewed here:

I guess i in over my head, i have no idea. I used cat in bash to view the data (receiving data wasn’t working in the beginning), I can show i piece of raw data if you like. I just found this guide, which is serial programming guide, since the bluetooth connects to serial point, this sounded like a good starting point

I asked a CS friend of mine in Chicago who is right into this stuff. Here is his reply:

Hi Roy,
Sounds like he needs a Blutooth sniffer.
GitHub is the #1 site for source code.
I searched GitHub for bluetooth sniffer and got quite a few matches.

The bluetooth sniffer i have (bluez + bluez utils + GUI front-end). But then the data comes in a serial port (the bluetooth connects the output to a serial port, be it a virtual one (??))

There is also gpsd, which can receive the data, maybe i can build on top of that? I am still trying to fit the pieces together.

Thanks for asking your friend and you helping me out :slight_smile: I appreciate.

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Did you get a look at the EXIF data? No doubt, the data you are looking at will follow the same spec.

Do, Just for the insight. And study the code on github (library.php) for further insights. No doubt there is some way to relate the two. I’ll get on it tomorrow (it’s late here) but see if you can find some parallels between the two. There is the key to our discovery.

I will, thanks :slight_smile: wow, what a huge amount of repository’s, was there a specific one you found which you think is good?

So, i found this program gpsd, which contains cgps, and also the raw .c file for cgps, which is ideal. I can use this :smiley: Thanks for all the support. I also found documentation for this, exactly what i was looking for. Thank you for the effort you put into helping me :slight_smile:

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That’s fantastic. Hope you’ll not mind sharing what you learn, once you’ve mastered it.

Thanks :slight_smile: i doubt i will master it, is 69,000 lines, and i don’t need all of it