Got very stuck on JavaScript objects projects, where to go from here?

Hi everyone,

I’m in the process of learning JavaScript, and got as far as objects with no major problem. But in trying to do the Meal Maker and Team Stats I was completely lost and had no clue how to complete most of the steps. I tried going back over the lessons to see if that helped but still had no clue. I’m wondering does anyone know of any other resources that will help me get to grips with objects in a more step by step format that is easier to understand?

It takes time to understand JavaScript, you can always take a step back if you feel you’re not ready to tackle projects. I experienced the same as you do when I was starting out. Take your time.

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Hi @nickgirling341591110
I wonder if it really is the object syntax that is overwhelming you or the complexity of the exercise. The object syntax itself is not too complicated, so it may rather be the mix of methods (which are basically functions inside the object) and arrays that give you headaches. In the meal maker project, the instructions are not as dense anymore as you may be used to from the previous lessons. So going back in the lessons to repeat the array and function lessons is an option.

Maybe it is also a possibility and a good practice to reduce the complexity of the project by starting with simple arrays in the global scope, one for each course, which only take the dish names. And write functions to push dishes to the arrays, get random dishes from the arrays and get a meal from the random dishes function. That will be easier.
As a second step, you could transform the reduced functionality of the program to the object syntax.
And as a third step add the complexity by adding objects with the dish names and prices to the arrays.

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Hi @nickgirling341591110 ,

You can try JavaScript Objects ( to see if that helps. Sometimes having it presented differently puts the pieces together.