GOT STUCK! Oops, try again. Did you remember to add font-family: cursive; to the 'span' selector in your CSS tab?

I am following the HTML + CSS course and everything is going well, except one thing

span {
color: red;
font-family: Cursive;
font-family: Cursive; doesn’t do anything. I can click on Save and Submit and it let’s me go through to the next stage. I also tried lowercase cursive and even with !important.

That code is perfect, so there’s a problem in your HTML. Can I see that please?

Same problem: every time I need to set font to Cursive, the computer does not recognize it and I cannot complete the task. Is there a way to download cursive font to my notebook?

cursive is a font family, not a font. An example is Comic Sans MS. You already have cursive built in to your computer, so you can’t download it. If you have a problem with your exercise, please create a new topic and include the link to the exercise you’re on and the code you’ve tried, instead of reviving a 4 month old topic. Thanks :slight_smile:

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