Got stuck at 9% in code academy can somebody pls help what am i doing wrong


got stuck at 9% in code academy i need help


What do you need help with?


Cant even get past the command line. What is the first command?


my workspace is not cooperating on command line can you help? J.C.P.


How would you describe "not cooperating" @juliocp ?


@webrockstar68663, are you talking about this task:

In the terminal, after the $ type:


and press Enter.


i'm also stuck there it says then type cd... wat am i supposed to put ls isnt working after that so i dont know wat folders are there


I know its a bit hard to see if you are on a small screen but If you look a bit closer, what it says is:

type cd ..


OMFG u legit had to type cd .. i thought u had to work out which folder to go into


.. means "parent" so saying cd .. means change to the parent directory.


Im stuck where it says change directory from january to feb


I don't think that you are on the same exercise that we are. This is what we see:


what i should type for those two dots



cd ..

literally, that's what you have to type! :smiley:


it said that it is command not found


oh my god! i need to put a space before first dot. Kill me


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This is the exercise I am working on and when i get to the "pwd" command after the "cd jan/memory/" command code academy says I've made an error. Maybe I'm misinterpreting the instructions.


Are you able to post a screenshot of your whole browser so we can see what you see?