Got stuck at 9% in code academy can somebody pls help what am i doing wrong

got stuck at 9% in code academy i need help

What do you need help with?

Cant even get past the command line. What is the first command?

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my workspace is not cooperating on command line can you help? J.C.P.

How would you describe “not cooperating” @juliocp ?

@webrockstar68663, are you talking about this task:

In the terminal, after the $ type:


and press Enter.

i’m also stuck there it says then type cd… wat am i supposed to put ls isnt working after that so i dont know wat folders are there

I know its a bit hard to see if you are on a small screen but If you look a bit closer, what it says is:

type cd ..

OMFG u legit had to type cd … i thought u had to work out which folder to go into

… means “parent” so saying cd … means change to the parent directory.

Im stuck where it says change directory from january to feb

I don’t think that you are on the same exercise that we are. This is what we see:

what i should type for those two dots


cd ..

literally, that’s what you have to type! :smiley:


it said that it is command not found

oh my god! i need to put a space before first dot. Kill me


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This is the exercise I am working on and when i get to the “pwd” command after the “cd jan/memory/” command code academy says I’ve made an error. Maybe I’m misinterpreting the instructions.

Are you able to post a screenshot of your whole browser so we can see what you see?