Got a check on the step but still have an error?

Also, said I couldn’t post a link to that host for some reason thats why I pasted this:

highlighted_poems = "Afterimages:Audre Lorde:1997,  The Shadow:William Carlos Williams:1915, Ecstasy:Gabriela Mistral:1925,   Georgia Dusk:Jean Toomer:1923,   Parting Before Daybreak:An Qi:2014, The Untold Want:Walt Whitman:1871, Mr. Grumpledump's Song:Shel Silverstein:2004, Angel Sound Mexico City:Carmen Boullosa:2013, In Love:Kamala Suraiyya:1965, Dream Variations:Langston Hughes:1994, Dreamwood:Adrienne Rich:1987"

highlighted_poems_list = highlighted_poems.split(",")

highlighted_poems_stripped = []

for poem in highlighted_poems_list:

highlighted_poems_details = []

for poem in highlighted_poems_stripped:

titles = []
poets = []
dates = []

for poem in highlighted_poems_details:

print(The poem {titles} was published by {poets} in {dates}.format(titles = titles, poets = poets, dates = dates))

Check what you’re printing. Other than the fact that you didn’t format your code, which causes improper indenting, several variables to be assigned to nothing at all, and a string that isn’t even a string, that’s the only problem I found.

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