Google Kick Start - ROUND D starting on Sunday!

Exciting news, especially for those of you that enjoy coding challenges and competitions! The next round of Google Kick Start is almost here :smiley:

—> Follow this link to register and get all the info!


ROUND D 2020 is scheduled for JULY 12th, 2020 to start at 5:00 UTC (1am EST for US, 7am for Central Europe) and end at 8:00 UTC (4am EST, 10am CET).

(note that, because of time zone differences, ROUND D technically starts on July 11th for the west coast of the US).

Can Anyone Join?

YES. You might’ve heard of Code Jam, Google’s big international coding competition. Kick Start is a smaller version of it, focused on giving coders new to competitions an opportunity to have fun and gain some experience.

Is It Free?

YES again. All you need is a Google account (you already have one if you use Gmail or any other Google services like Drive, Google Photos, etc).

How does it work?

The three-hour rounds feature a variety of algorithmic challenges, all developed by Google engineers so that you get a taste of the technical skills needed for a career at Google (the top competitors from our Kick Start rounds may be invited to interview at Google!).

Register for Kick Start once on our website and you’ll be set up to compete in any round you’d like! When each round is open, the three hour countdown begins and you’ll compete on our website solving algorithmic and mathematical problems. Following the round, you can check out your rankings and the round analysis

Tell Me About the Rules

The list of rules is extensive and you should take time to read through them and make sure you understand what you can and cannot do. It would be a shame to be disqualified for something you weren’t aware of!

—> Official rules

Main rules:

  • You need to be 16 or older. Additionally, contestants might be required to be 18 or older for on-site rounds (if they host any)
  • You cannot have more than one participating profiel
  • You cannot share information about any problems until the end of the round (this includes live-streaming yourself while solving the problems!). Note: once the round is officially over, you are free to share information/videos/etc publicly.
  • Sharing or using from others any information about a problem (including its content or solution)

Can I Practice?

Not only you can, but you SHOULD. Coding competitions are not just about getting the answer right, but doing it fast. Familiarizing yourself with the platform, the format of the problems and how to submit your solutions will save you precious time and get you more points. Google makes every past Kick Start round available online, including solutions from all participants! So you can try solving ROUND C problems, for example, and then check how the top 10 coders did it.

—> Kick Start Archive

Anything Else?

Lots actually. Kick Start’s FAQs are a gold mine of information. It will give you a heads up of how to compete, what is expected from your code (for example, how to pass the problem’s test, expected Inputs and Outputs of your solution code)

—> Read the FAQ

Best of luck to everyone, and don’t forget to drop in and tell us all about the experience if you participate this weekend!

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Thanks @irlfede for the heads up. I’ll definitely be looking to do this.

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Aww man, I really wanted to enter, but I’m still too young lol.

Well, there’s always a next time :stuck_out_tongue:

You can always have fun completing prior rounds that are open to anyone for practice!

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Oh alright, thanks! :grinning:

@yizuhi Yea, just like @irlfede mentioned, you’re never too young to practice these problems (or at least start seeing what you need to do to get up to the level!).

It’s not a bad set of problem-solving skills to have!

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