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Hello Everybody,

My standard browser is google chrome and I think that every browser is possible to read html-files, but in my case google chrome cannot read my html-file. Can you tell me why?

Here is my local folder, where I store my index.html file

And if I press on this file I get the following:

In the Visual Studio Code editor my index.html file starts like this:

Of course I have the closing body and html tag at end of the file included,

Can you tell me what could be the reason that I cannot view my html-file?

Thank You

What does the german error say? I only read Mahler and Schönberg indications.
Chrome should definitely open html.

The access of the file was denied.

The file under file:///Users/katharinamaier/Documents/codecademy/mask/index.html cannot be read.Probably the file was deleted or displaced/shifted or the file authority prohibit the access.

The index.html file was never deleted or shifted to another place. The access of the file, I never programed the access or declared the access rules. In the visual studio code editor I just created the index.html file. Just one click to create a new file.

Are you on a chromebook?

On quick search I found this:

Check if you are in verified mode of the Chrome OS firmware. To access the local Chromebook files, you must enter developer mode.

@justsql as a side note, browsers are very willing to open bad html files even if you have tags all over the place. This means there’s nothing wrong with your code to cause this to happen.

As I understand a chromebook is a specific kind of lap top, I have a normal iMac, not even a laptop. My firmware is Mac OS. Is that correct how I understood your message?!
In general do I need to register somewhere in order to be able to read my html-files via browser?

Do you get the same or a similar error if you try and open the HTML file with Safari?

The error, ERR_ACCESS_DENIED, would suggest a permissions issue. If Safari also can’t open it, that might confirm that it is a permissions issue. :slight_smile:

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In Safari I can open the code, but not to the fullest, some elements are not shown.
Now I can open my index.html file with google chrome, but I have the same problem that some elements are not visible,
I use goole chrome, because I want to find out why some parts are not visible by means of dev tools

The dev tool find that this part of link is not valid

 <img border="0" src="//" >

If I copy the source and paste it into the browser, then it opens:

How could it be, that dev tools say there is an error in the link, but the same part of the link opens in the same browser, where is the mistake @toastedpitabread @thepitycoder

First I thought that it has something to do with

  1. Browser configurations (but I use standard browser)
  2. Wrong link, (but part of links work very well in the browser)
  3. Software, could it be that it is a problem with my software?


Your src attribute isn’t explicitly stating that you want to use https, so instead because your HTML is being served via file://the/path/to/your/file/index.html it’s assuming that you want to retrieve file:// which is wrong.

When you’re linking to a resource you’re not hosting you should provide the full URI, including protocol. When you paste the src into your browser and hit Go, it assumes you meant to use HTTP(S) and so it loads correctly.

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Thank you @thepitycoder I just put “https:” in src=“https://ws-eu …” and it worked!