Google Ads Javascript Code - Conversion Tracking Salesforce

Hi all,

Sorry, this isn’t a task within Codeacademy but it’s the only place I know that I can get a helpful answer!

I haven’t started training within Javascript yet so it’s completely foreign to me and I’ve been on this for hours!

I’m following this: Import conversions from Salesforce - Google Ads Help and the script in question is this:

Google says that you need to update the ‘var gclidFormFields’ line to include the field IDs of the new fields that you added in the previous step (this is step 3).

How exactly do I do that? The GCLID is 00N8d00000Agv1z and I’ve tried putting it in different places but I’m 100% sure I’m missing some kind of code.

I really hope this is okay to post and your help will be much appreciated! Basically, our web developers are non existent and I’m trying to improve my skills so I can help out.

Thank you in advance,