Goofy fortune generator

Hey everyone! Had a good time doing this project. The longest part of creating it was coming up with the content!

The only major bug I had to work out was that I had an off-by-one error when selecting my random numbers. I forgot that I needed to index into my arrays from 0-9 instead of 1-10. Now it all works great! Here is my code:

const fortune = {
    youWill: ['encounter a bear', 'kiss a mysterious stranger', 'smack your head', 'regret your life choices', 'discover a new shade of brown', 'clutch your butt cheeks', 'find a new use for meatballs', 'shout YEEEAAAHHH BOYYYY!!!', 'discharge both nostrils', 'narrowly avoid death'],

    after: ['opening a dimensional portal', 'eating an overripe banana', 'pooping', 'making a second piece of toast', 'smelling your own armpits', 'scratching a mosquito bite', 'calculating PI to 12 digits', 'picking your nose', 'drinking from a puddle', 'staring into the face of death'],

    location: ['the Death Star', 'the United States of America', 'a damp cave', 'a parallel dimension', 'the second worst outhouse you\'ve ever seen', 'a truly scary Costco bathroom', 'the grocery store checkout line', 'a field of sunflowers', 'your bedroom', 'a kitchen that smells like fart'],

        const rand1 = Math.floor(Math.random() * (this.youWill.length));
        const rand2 = Math.floor(Math.random() * (this.after.length));
        const rand3 = Math.floor(Math.random() * (this.location.length));

        return `You will ${this.youWill[rand1]} after ${this.after[rand2]} in ${this.location[rand3]}.`

console.log('This is your fortune:');