Good with the quizzes and lessons but completely stuck on the projects

Hi all,
I have been stuck for a while( a couple months) at the projects sections at the end the javascript modules . I feel like i can answer the task questions easily ( I do use the get unstuck button ) yet completely stuck when it comes to the projects(number guesser and Mysterious organisms) . I’m not sure if there is any other resource I should be using outside of codeacademy and the recommended text book or if my learning style is just very bad.
I have even tried to look at some example answers on this forum and reverse engineer but it not clicking for me. I am also a completely newbie to coding outside of this course.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Hi Ceekaycodes89,

Don’t worry, your not alone, I have the same issue as yourself…I’m working on the Guesser game, again, and still get stuck, without looking at the solutions. If you have any questions on this project then ask and I’ll see if I can help.

There is a website I find helpful, have a look and see what you think.


Don’t worry, too much. I suspect this is a fairly common feeling, especially if you’re relatively new to coding. There’s a lot to take in, and a lot of terminology - I’m sure some of which is there just to make people feel smug.
Personally, I feel sometimes the projects can be a little confusing. It’s not always clear what they want at each stage.

My tips:

  1. Take your time. You’re learning for yourself. Don’t be afraid to go back and redo sections again if you want to - no-one’s going to stop you.

  2. I like the structure you get with the courses here, but don’t be afraid to look elsewhere for help. I frequently google stuff I’m not sure about, or lookup youtube vids. And, of course, there’s this forum. Sometimes it can be reading the same thing but with someone else’s spin which can give you that “Of course!!” moment.

  3. Try not to get hung up on one thing. There’s been times when I’ve felt I couldn’t get a total handle on something, but as I’ve gone on and seen it used in another context it’s made more sense.

  4. You will get better. Everything you do learn you’re building on what was there before. Be patient.

Ultimately, everyone learns differently.
Good luck, and try to enjoy it.

Thankyou both your advice , I will keep going with this at my own pace and try all the resources provided