Good for Windows?

Can the things learned here be used in Windows also?

It says this on one hand: “This course is for unix-based systems such as Linux and Mac OS X. An appendix of all commands taught in this course is available here.”, but this on the other hand: “From the command line, you can navigate through files and folders on your computer, just as you would with Finder on Mac OS or Windows Explorer on Windows.”

I tried on Windows and they are not working like here.

These commands are not the same as windows commands. Though some, like cd remain the same, others are drastically different.

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some command might work, most will not. for example, ls will not work because dir is the windows equivalent

windows isn’t a unix based operating system


you didn’t read properly. It says we can use bash (the command line taught in this course) to navigate the file system, just like we can use finder (macOS) or windows explorer (windows).

but windows explorer and finder are both GUI programs, this sentence only indicates that we can navigate the file system through command line as we can using certain graphical programs, the only difference is that CLI requires you to type command, where in GUI program you just click. It doesn’t mean we can use what is taught in this course in cmd (the windows command line)

GUI = graphical user interface
CLI = command line interface

cmd (the windows “command line”) isn’t much, if you really want to use a shell, you have to use powershell

windows 10 has a linux subsystem, and there are things cygwin which you can use to run linux commands on windows, but that is still different from using a full linux system


Thank you a lot for your answers, and for your time

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