Gold Medal project

Hello, I’m busy with the Gold Medal metrics project:
the final task says this:

Returns a SQL query string that will find the sports a country has
won medals in. It should include the number of medals, aliased as ‘count’,
as well as the percentage of this country’s wins the sport represents,
aliased as ‘percent’. Optionally ordered by the given field in the specified direction.

And the solution is this:

const orderedSports = (country, field, isAscending) => {
  let orderingString = '';
  if (field) {
    if (isAscending) {
      orderingString = `ORDER BY ${field} ASC`;
    } else {
      orderingString = `ORDER BY ${field} DESC`;
  return `SELECT sport, COUNT(sport) AS count, (COUNT(sport) * 100 / (select COUNT(*) FROM GoldMedal WHERE country = '${country}')) AS percent FROM GoldMedal WHERE country = '${country}' GROUP BY sport ${orderingString};`;

My question: why do we use COUNT(sport) and not just COUNT(*) since we’re already grouping the results? Or do these 2 give the same results anyway?