Gold Medal Oympics Project to Heroku

So I’m trying to learn how to deploy a website and it seems I didn’t learn this in the Web Development course. I’m using Apache and a RaspberryPi. I used Gold Medal Metrics as an example to structure my app, and just like Gold Medal Metrics… it worked when developing it on my laptop, but doesn’t work when I tried to make it a live site.

React-App, Node.Js with Fetch requests to a backend Express.

I did this Heroku lesson:

, but it was still a simpler example and the loading of the page was the GET request instead of something like Gold Medal Olympics where it first loads a page then makes the requests. The next article had a full-stack link , which is what I think I’m looking for? but this link seems not to be working.

Can someone point me to a lesson or something that shows you how to do this?

I tried to deploy it with cPanel from another lesson : but from what I researched… it semed that it can’t host the server.js? I don’t know what I’m doing…

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