Gold Medal Metrics - SQLite3 Linux Chromebook


I followed:


In Ubuntu or similar distributions:

  1. Open your terminal and run sudo apt-get install sqlite3 . Otherwise, use your distribution’s package managers.
  2. Try typing in the command sqlite3 newdb.sqlite . If you’re presented with a sqlite> prompt, you’ve successfully created the sqlite3 command for your terminal. You can exit by typing .exit in the prompt and pressing enter.

and was successful.

I followed the instructions for this project, but when it came to

To start your server, run node server.js . Refresh your browser to collect the information from the server.

I got an error. I think its from the require(‘sqlite3’), it can’t find it?? I downloaded sqlite3 successfully, so what is happening?

I didn’t have make installed. I installed by make by running: sudo apt-get install build-essential