Gold Medal Metrics - Can't Fire Server

At the beginning of the Gold Medal Metrics project, I can’t get the server to fire when I run “node server.js” in the command line. I get an error: “Cannot find module ‘sqlite3’.”

How can I correct the error “cannot find module ‘sqlite3’” and fire the server?

Gold Medal Metrics Project:

I installed sqlite according to the instructions in the previous lesson:

I wrote SQL queries in sql.js and tried firing the server on the solution file to no avail.

Your node version (maybe 12 or 14) is likely not compatible with the older sqlite3 package in the project. You can either install an older version of node and use nvm to switch versions. I did this and used v8.9.3. The other option (maybe better) is to update sqlite3 package to latest. You can use: npm install sqlite3@5.0.0 or look and see if there is a later version (5.x.x)