Gold Medal Metrics bug

@juenel can you help me with this?

I think that you probably had a sqlite-installation error when installing the project on your local computer. This is when you did the first 2 steps:
npm install
npm run webpack

I had issues installing this project with my current version of Node (which I think was 12 at the time). There were error messages related to sqlite3. I switched back to node version 8.9.3 using nvm (node version manager) and reinstalled project in a new directory. You can type node -v to check which version you have installed and do a quick google search for how to download/switch version. You can have several versions of node installed and use nvm to switch. Then the project installed in a better way and no major sqlite errors on install. You can always copy/paste the code that you have done into the new directory.

I didn’t have make installed. Since I was on Debian, I installed by make by running: sudo apt-get install build-essential

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