Goblins Offline Python Project


I am on the skill path to build a chatbot using Python. I think that I have made some progress and I feel confident, what to do, when reading the description of what is needed.

But I am wondering, how you try to overcome the issue, when you see the code and understand it, but you have not been able to derive to this solution on your own ?

I have really struggled with the offline project “Abruptly Goblins Planner”. It was hard for me to understand the instructions and ultimately I did maybe only 50% without checking the solution. I think that I it was difficult for me, because of dictionaries being list elements as well as because of the fact that I have had issues with the parameters of the functions to be defined.

What would you propose ? Try to re-do the project after some time ? Move on, since the code is understood, although not implemented by myself ?

Thanks, Michael.

I think it boils down to your choice at the end of the day. The projects are supposed to be a little more challenging. If you have struggled a great deal with dictionaries then it may be worth re-visiting the lessons covering them before moving on as they’re so frequently used in Python and you run the risk of struggling with future topics if you skip sections.

Like most of the topics the goal is to understand them rather than just to pass the tests; focus on that and take the time to achieve it.

Perhaps you could try breaking down the code into smaller sections; whilst an entire function can be a little daunting just break it down line by line. Once you understand it then you can jump to the next line.

I think perhaps performing a recap of the lessons on dictionaries (and functions?) prior to this continuing on this course would be a sensible option and then revisit it when you have a better chance at solving it yourself.