Goal for 30-day challenge - Geocoding script

Hey there, I am going to commit to this 30-day challenge to see if I can create a python script that can bulk-geocode US addresses. I did a little bit of research and it seems there are a few packages that can do this type of work, like geopy and arcGIS. Does anyone have any thoughts on what to use, what pitfalls to avoid, or general steps?

To provide more details, I am interested in passing a csv that contains the following columns:

  • address
  • zip code
  • state
  • country

In return, I want it to spit out a CSV with the original address columns, plus two additional columns:

  • latitude
  • longitude

It sounds simple enough, but may be more challenging once I dive in, which should be good for a 30 day goal.


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Good luck Daniel! Don’t forget to keep us updated, challenges are awesome!