"Go to the forums" link in Learn Python links to nonexistent page


When I click the “Go to the forums” button on the left sidebar:
it links to https://discuss.codecademy.com/c/python/practice-makes-perfect/, which gives a 404 error, instead of https://discuss.codecademy.com/c/python/python-intermediate-en-rCQKw, where the correct forum seems to be located.


Would you mind posting a link to the exact exercise this is occurring in for you?

The link the button is taking you to is where the forum of the equivalent section in our old python course was located. It has since moved and it would seem we skimmed over this particular link during our update of the course and forgot to change it.


Hello. I had the same issue, from the final stage of the PygLatin exercise


Ahh, I see. It would appear that we may have skimmed over this link all throughout the pyglatin section.

A bug report has been submitted.


Nice one will be fixed soon