Go Comic Mischief Variables declared but not used

I Get errors that variables are declared but not used. Am I assigning them correctly?

I found this go - How to avoid annoying error "declared and not used" - Stack Overflow
and tried the "use() command but compiler did not recognize.


./main.go:6:6: publisher declared but not used
./main.go:7:7: author declared but not used
./main.go:11:6: year declared but not used
./main.go:12:7: pageNumber declared but not used
./main.go:13:7: grade declared but not used

package main

import “fmt”

func main() {
var publisher string
var author string
var writer string
var artist string
var title string
var year int
var pageNumber int
var grade float32
pageNumber = 14
grade = 6.5
title = “Mr. GoToSleep”
author = “Tracey Hatchet”
artist = “JeweL Thomson”
publisher = “DizzyBooKs Publishing Inc.”
year = 1997

fmt.Println(title, "writteb by", writer, "drawn by", artist)


This is a good exercise, I had to comment out unused variables until they re used in the next part of the lesson.