Go Codecademy Course!


I dont know why, but its been a while until Codecademy posted a new course... Well i have a suggestion for thier next course, and that is Go. You may ask...

Why Go?

Well there are many reasons ima just list the main ones:

Incredibly Fast: Go is a verry fast langauge.. Its one of the top candidates for bieng one of the fastest languages. Multicore Performance, is one of the big reasons for this, as you can set the number of cores running in your program.

Real-Time: When we talk about go, we are talking about Real Time projects.. Like real time apps,software,etc.. Real time means, for example if somone replies to my topic i can see thier message without the need of refreshing. Its Real Time Binding! Examples built with go:
https://trello.com/ , https://asana.com/ , etc...

Concurency: Concurency is one of the major major reasons why Go is very successful. Concurency is basically Making progress on more than one task. Before i use to think it was Making progress on more than one task simultaneously but Rob Pike the main go team expert told me No...

"Concurency is the compsition of independantly executing functions."

Parrelism : Parrelism here is doing more than one task simultaneously .. Basically you dont wait for a function to finish and then go ahead and execute the other function... You execute all functions independantly from the MAIN Function..


I really thing Go should be considered for the next langauge to learn in Codecademy's Course! Hope this got you boosted!

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