Global question re. resources - no specific exercise


I am frustrated by 2 "gaps".  One is that, with the exception of creating a
 game, I never feel like I understand WHEN I might want to use the 
techniques I am learning.  To fuss through an assignment and get the 
correct code is a good feeling, but I am left wondering when/under what 
circumstances/solving what problem I would use the techniques.  Make 

The second "gap" is that I often would like to read more about a 
technique, but other than Google, I don't know what resources are 
available.  Does Codecademy recommend any resources?



javascript is the most widly used object oriented languages. For just about any website or app you use will have a great deal of js. if you want to create any type of interactive program/application you need JS. it is probably one of the most useful languages. as far as oyher resources there are tons books are important, youtube, udacity, codeschool, treehouse, cousera, edx, cs50, udemy, lynda, skillshare, msdn microsoft,, w3schools and thats just a small handful.


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