Glitch when using alt key in code editor

Hello everyone, first post here.

When I use alt + 123 to get the curly brackets, the editor jumps ahead and moves the whole line down, ending up in disarray. I made sure I am not doing anything wrong when typing it. I also disabled the autoclose brackets and quotes.
I think it only happens whenever I need to use curly brackets within another set of curly brackets.
This is how it looks before the glitch happens:

const glitch = () => {

console.log(“this is a glitch”);


if I try to open a new set of curly brackets within the function (not that it would make a lot of sense in this example) this happens:

const glitch = () => {

console.log("this is a glitch);



the new curly bracket ends up outside the function automatically.
It may not look like a big deal but whenever I am trying to write more complicated code it gets extra confusing and challenging to get anything done.

This just started happening recently, I didn’t change computer or web browser. Any ideas?

Hey andres_gandara
I just tried it and I didn’t encounter this same issue you’re describing.

I could suggest, maybe too drastic, to change keyboard. :man_shrugging: Some time ago I bought a spanish logitech k220 because it exposes some very useful symbols for programming (tilde, brackets, backticks, umlauts etc) and I’m very happy about it.

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Hmm that is an odd one :thinking:.

It might be worth double checking the possible keyboard shortcuts for your OS/user interface, then for shortcuts for your browser and finally the CC editor shortcuts- Keyboard Shortcuts – Codecademy Help Center to double check those keypresses aren’t also doing something else. For me at least F1 shows the codecademy editor shortcuts in the editor window. My current browser settings do intercept some of those shortcuts but that can be altered in most cases if you want.

That might not be the cause of your error but it’s definitely worth checking (updates to browser for example might have introduced some new unexpected shortcuts).

Thank you both very much. I looked into alt codes in windows, and what seems to be happening is that whenever I press 2 on the numpad, (alt + 2) what I described earlier happens. Windows takes the line of text you are writing on and moves it down. I just need to figure out a way to shut down that shortcut!