GLITCH platform

Is anybody here using the GLITCH platform to program? Is it good to host your app here? Anybody?

You mean Glitch: The friendly community where everyone builds the web?

That looks like another one of the many browser-based IDEs that are coming out. I personally don’t see what sets it apart from the rest of the market, tech-wise.

I’m even developing one of these on my own for internal use with friends. It’s amazingly simple to build something like this yourself, and you don’t even need to know any coding! I’m planning to host mine myself for about $1-3/month in electricity costs using an old computer I had lying around. Since it’s just me and a few friends, no point in spending more money on a subscription service when I can do it myself.

There’s nothing wrong with these platforms, other than the fact that you can get the same benefits they provide at a much lower cost with just a little bit of time up front. Look into the “self-hosting” side of things if you are interested, and if you want to see the technology these kinds of sites use, check out Eclipse Theia for an example.

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