Gizmapps MOOC blog - My Digital Education Story

  1. Outcomes of this project

I did some revision of the path till now (about 30%) the whole thing was not so difficult and it was a good thing to practice the concept of event handlers and listeners. Apart from the technical demands, one challenging thing is to form a story about your blog.

  1. Time of Completion

Unfortunatelly i had no time (work, family, etc), so a project that is intented to be completed in 3 days it took me 20 days.

  1. Link to my repo

I wrote a very good readme file and i think that anyone can understand in detail how it is structured.

my repo :

GitHub - ODYTRON/mooc_blog: this is all about a mooc blog using simple css, html and js

if you have anything to add or questions :

[email protected]