Giving Solutions with No Explanation or Reason

This is a problem I see in the forum community, that I personally feel strongly about. Giving solutions just because you don’t want to take the time to explain how a user can fix their code, or what’s the problem with their code.

If you are confused on how to help the user without just posting your ‘working’ code then how will a beginner or person who has encountered a problem learn?

Problem solving is a crucial skill when it comes to programming and giving a cheat sheet for lack of a better word, does not help but actually puts the one seeking help at a disadvantage. :slight_smile:

They are moderators, super users and help deskers taht are more than willing to help, so its okay if you don’t have the vivacity to do so. :smile:



I don’t like this either, in most cases, but in some cases peoples’ understanding of something is so bad that it’s easiest to just give them the code and let them figure it out, or to push them to redo the course/exercise. I know what you mean though :wink:


True, my issue is when others are trying to help the user and then someone just jumps in and posts their ‘solution’ to the problem,


others are trying to help the user and then someone just jumps in and posts their ‘solution’ to the problem,

That can definitely be annoying. If you see posts like that, you can flag them as inappropriate (violating Discuss’ guidelines) and we can remove them for you if necessary :slight_smile:

Also, sending a PM to users you see doing that can really help! A lot of them don’t know they’re doing anything wrong by posting their code.

I would disagree with you on this, however:

If you do not want to help a user, and just want to post your ‘working’ code

It seems to me like most of the time when someone posts their code, they are trying to help - “Here, compare my code to yours“ - and don’t realize what they’re doing is unhelpful.


This is something that makes me really upset sometimes. I don’t really try to get involved, because i figure that sooner or later, they’ll realize that it’s wrong, but every once in a while, i’ll point out the guidelines.

in all honesty, they are trying to help, and i can understand where they’re coming from, because sometimes i’m tempted to do the same. You pointed out that sometimes somebody will post the code while your actively helping somebody, and that is probably the worst.

I’ve noticed that most people asking for help will continue to seek help, or they’ll ask to understand it as well, which is a good thing. In other cases, they’ll actually ask for somebody to just give them the solution, and normally that’s where i respond and say that that is a violation and it honestly takes away from their learning.

thank you for this topic, i hope that it might help a couple people to be more helpful or to stop posting their solutions without explaining them. :slight_smile:


This I do from time to time, but still find the same users persisting which is one of the reasons I created this post,.

will do,

Thanks for the eye opener never really looked at it that way, corrected that on he original post. :slight_smile: