Given my situation and goals, should I do front-end to start or just dive into full stack?

I’m basically a total newby. I know some basic HTML, and I can usually figure out what code is doing when I read it. I currently run a WordPress site for an online education program as a consultant. I’d like to know how to do basic things like tweak the CSS and so forth inside WordPress. Eventually I’d like to do this consulting thing full time and maybe get off WordPress and develop sites like this without it, or maybe create WordPress themes that people might like to buy. I figure I’m going to need to learn back-end engineering eventually, but my immediate need is really just front-end. Would you more experienced folks recommend taking the front-end career path course, or just dive into full stack? I noticed full stack has a few fewer courses in the front-end section than the full front-end curriculum. Will I really be missing out on much if I decide to go with full stack?

Hi James,
if you want to create your own Wordpress Themes you’ll need a profound knowledge of Design, HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.
You’ll not necessarily need all the backend and database stuff from the full stack course. But you’ll definitively need the CSS from the front end course as an absolute minimum.
You’ll also need some PHP for the templating. Neither of the two paths covers that, so you’ll have to do an extra course for that.
For your purposes, I’d rather go with the front end path and Wordpress docs.
The front end path is in total shorter than the full stack course and you could omit the React chapter.