Give windows some love too. :(

So I was looking to learn some command line stuff, but soon realized that the commands line course is only valid for Unix… Okay so then I was like well maybe there is a power shell course here for the windows people, since windows is the largest OS. Turns out there isn’t one.

I really liked some of the CC courses so was wondering if there is a way to make a CMD or POWER SHELL course a reality!

There are plenty of tutorials on powershell as well, this isn’t one of them. Given codecademy focus on web developement, most webservers run *nix.

given you didn’t specify a segment, this statement is false, overall (servers, supercomputers, embedded devices, cars, radios, routers, mobile (android) and more included) linux is bigger then windows

windows dominates dekstop market, true

O okay makes sense, Thanks!