Give me Pros and Cons of Codecademy Pro

Hey all,

So I am debating weather to get Pro or not. One day I am like yes, I need pro, others I am like it is a lot of money since I am only doing JS stuff at the moment. So, give me pros and cons on pro :smiley:



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I think there’s an option to have a free trial period. It should give you enough of an idea if you like it or not.

Regardless, consistency and fundamentals are the key whichever path you take. :smiley:

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Not a bad idea. can I cancel the subscription before the trial period is over and still keep the benefits of Pro?

You will be automatically charged after day 7 of your free trial, so if you decide not to purchase PRO, you should cancel your subscription on the seventh day of the trial period.

I’m not sure if you will keep your PRO benefits for the rest of the 7-day trial period if you cancel before the 7 days are up, but I don’t think you would, since your subscription to PRO would effectively be cancelled.

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I am doing JS stuff only at the moment too.
I have found out that it’s good platform for learning and repeating the courses helps a lot (if needed).
There’s other options too but they are priced at same range and can lack some features that codecademy has. And some sites are just way too confusing, as they are not so clear as codecademy.

I have been already about 6 months pro member.

I’ve used it for 2 months. It was useful. There are some other features I may come back to later if I need to supplement some things.

So you’d say it’s worth it?

Yes. Give it a try :slight_smile: