Give me advice

I think python is really dfficult to me.

how can I overcome this?

I am really bad at math

is there more advice for me?

Hey @ericentrepreneur Well first of all figure out if you really want to learn how to code. And second why you want do it. Lastly, try not to think about coding as math because well it really isn’t based wholly on math. There is a bunch of other stuff to do.

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you can start with html + css, which are markup language, then you can slowly progress to python. Programming is difficult to get into, it will get better with time, the math in the python course shouldn’t be too bad. Just keep practicing, take your time to read background info, fiddle with what you just wrote, to improve your understanding, redo exercises, everyone should learn at there own speed :slight_smile:


I will do my best. Thank U;